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August 2021 Community Newsletter

August 5, 2021


We are so glad you’ve chosen to live in Arbor. Our community is staged for a leap in growth this next year, so we hope you are ready! Each month we will send out a newsletter via email to update residents on what’s going on in the neighborhood, or remind you rules, and share information. Please reach out to Management should you have any questions. We are looking forward to working with you all in building up this community.

Irrigation Update

Due to drought conditions, and the heat wave, irrigation will be reduced and then shut off early. This reduction in delivery is expected to stretch available irrigation water to a shut-off date of September 7th. Please know water may reduce further to reach this date. With us knowing this early shut off date and that water is reduced, it is most imperative that residents follow the established watering schedule:

· Even ending addresses water Monday, Wednesday, Friday

· Odd ending addresses water Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

· Sunday is a makeup day for the common areas.

We have also learned from the City of Caldwell that homeowners may NOT use their hose water (potable water) to irrigate their lawns, and may receive fines if found doing so. For further details and information, we have included a Caldwell Irrigation Press Release, and Caldwell Early Irrigation Water Shutoff Notice.


The Arbor community encourages the pack in pack out method. If you take food or trash to the park or an open green space, then you should also take it home and dispose of it. Of course, there are trash cans at the pool for use, but we’re seeing a lot of trash being left around the neighborhood, including the pool and playground. It’s disgusting to show up for swimming or to play at the park and there’s used napkins, left over drink containers, and a trash can very close. Please remind your family members to put trash in a trash can. Please also remember that trash cans at your homes should be stored out of view except for when out for pickup on trash day. They should not be visible from the front of the home. We appreciate everyone’s assistance in keeping our community and amenities clean.

Pool Use

We’re so happy that residents are enjoying the pool, but we’ve been sent pictures and received complaints about unruly teens climbing the fence to get in and not being courteous to other users, as well as kids under 13 at the pool. We will report trespassing to the police and will turn off keys to anyone violating the rules. The rules are for the safety of all users and the community. Please take a minute to make sure your entire family is aware of the rules and abiding by them when at the pool. Please also avoid playing with or moving the skimmer lids at the pool. They sit flat within their circle opening, but have been reported off causing injuries when stepped on. We thank you for helping us maintain the facilities, so we can all continue to use them.

Community Potluck

If you want to mingle and get to know some neighbors, come on out to the pool and clubhouse on Saturday, August 14th, from 4-10pm. For any questions or to sign up for a potluck item, please contact Gloria Caldwell.

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