September 2022 Community Newsletter

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September 2022 Community Newsletter

September 23, 2022

Pool Closing

Thank you for a great swimming season. Unfortunately, with the temperatures dropping and evenings getting cooler, it’s time to close the pool down and prepare for fall and winter. This weekend will be the last weekend for swimming. We’ll be closing down Monday, September 26th.

Irrigation Shut Down

The City of Caldwell has announced that irrigation will be shutting down October 3rd. Be sure to get all your final treatments and watering done, and don’t forget to have your sprinklers winterized after water shuts down.

Pet Waste

Please clean up after your pets. We’re seeing a lot of waste accumulate in common areas and even in residents yards. This can easily add to the odor and insect issues that some have complained about. Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after them.

Upcoming Events

September 26 – Pool Closure

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